CPAP Travel Tips from My CPAP Club

Maintaining a nightly schedule with your CPAP machine and mask is sometimes difficult. So, what if you add to that the fact that you travel a lot? My CPAP Club is here to give you some tips about CPAP travel and how you can make treating your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) on-the-go as easy as possible.

Flying with Your CPAP MachineIt is important to remember that if you suffer from OSA, every time you sleep, your airway is obstructed and your oxygen drops, while your heart, brain, lungs and other bodily systems are strained. This is why we recommend you continue your CPAP therapy whenever – and wherever – you sleep, even if you are just going out of town for one or two days.

Flying with Your CPAP Machine & Mask

Here are some tips for flying on an airplane with your CPAP mask or machine:

  • Don’t check your CPAP machine, because it can easily get broken. Rather, take it with you on the plane; it will not be counted as one of your “carry-on” bags. It is also a good idea to put a copy of your prescription in your CPAP bag, so it's always handy if you need it.
  • Call your airline ahead of time to find out if they have any instructions or special procedures for bringing your CPAP machine on the plane with you and for getting through security.
  • Most airlines do not allow passengers to use their CPAP devices during flights. If you need to make special arrangements, call your airline ahead of time.

Driving or Camping with Your CPAP Machine & Mask

If you are planning a camping trip or spending a lot of time on the road, we recommend following these tips for dealing with your CPAP machine:

  • If your machine has the ability to run off of 12V (check your owner's manual), then you will be able to run your machine off of a battery or by plugging it into the cigarette lighter adapter in your car / RV if you purchase the proper cables.
  • We sell battery adapter cables for those who wish to bring their CPAP machine with them while camping in the wilderness. You’ll find these in our online store.
  • A 12V deep cycle marine battery or a motorcycle battery are recommended for the longest life between charges. The life span of the battery depends on its rating and what your pressure setting is on your machine.
Worried about how travel will affect your CPAP machine routine? Contact My CPAP Club today at 1-888-272-7050 for more tips on CPAP travel.
Allison Wrightenberry
Allison Wrightenberry