Why a Lack of Sleep May Be a Deadly Pattern

A good night’s sleep provides you with many benefits, including refreshing you for the next day and assisting in your body’s restorative process. Not getting enough sleep, however, such as in the instance of insomnia, anxiety or depression, can have far greater repercussions.

A study conducted in Norway has determined a link between adults 20 years old and older and who have trouble sleeping and an increased risk of suicide. Close to 75,000 adults took part in the study, which concluded that sleeping problems can contribute to an elevated risk of suicide. A whopping 31% of those surveyed reported “sometimes” having trouble maintaining a healthy sleep pattern, while 5% reported “often” having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. During the follow-up, researchers discovered that 188 of study participants had committed suicide.

The risk is not particularly higher in one gender or the other, but the link between suicidal behavior and sleep patterns is stronger in those who are 50 years old or younger. The study also concluded that those who had the worst documented sleeping patterns doubled their risk of suicide.

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Allison Wrightenberry
Allison Wrightenberry